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South Sudanese model Adeng by Aric Yeakey


Literally just woke up out of my sleep to sketch this Nu Gundam head piece. Gotta get up early so I’m going back to sleep now… ‘Night! #art #sketch #mobilesuit #gundam #rx93 #nugundam by therastason http://bit.ly/1t26ttP


Manish Arora Spring / Summer 2015


僕と抹茶 ‏@japanetea_love  



Prada, 2001.


Logged the fuck in


by kuribo 







Char Aznable Custom Vibrator

we all know about this already, but i mentioned it yesterday and it came up today in a Google search for M’Quve (look at the 2nd photo of the back of the box).  it’s just too hilarious not to post again.

i’m going to refrain from making any 3x faster jokes, since they make themselves.

Edited to add: it says “Manipulator” on the box.  and Char is saying something to/about Lalah.

Y’know, I like giant robots…but I don’t like them quite that much…


Holy shit, I just posted about this coming back to my activity once in a while, I’m dying XD

And they slapped a nice-looking guy on the box for you to look at while you use the product. :P

I just love Frau’s face on the back of the box.

Char is saying “Lalah… please ease/comfort me.”
The back of the box has testimonials from various characters, but I can’t make out the text well enough to translate them (well, except Sayla’s, which is just “Brother…”).

Technically it’s a massager. Japan has a history of releasing suspect-looking ones. Take this infamous example:


Super Real Mahjong OVA

I got the OVA just to see what it was like, and to see if the vocal music was in it.

I’m not sure what I expected, but seeing Kasumi getting incredibly excited over Michael J. Fox on the back cover of Cock Sucker Magazine has surpassed all my expectations.

Debbie Harry photographed by Chris Stein.

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